Elevate Your Racing Experience with Shuttle Bus Hire

At Shuttle Bus Hire, we recognize that the journey to the races is an integral part of the overall experience. That’s why we’ve crafted our Party and Limo Buses to provide an immersive and entertaining atmosphere for you and your fellow race enthusiasts throughout the entire trip.

Unleash the Celebration

When you choose Shuttle Bus Hire for your racing event transportation, you’re not just getting from point A to point B – you’re embarking on a journey of excitement, music, and camaraderie. Our buses are thoughtfully equipped with various entertainment options that ensure the party spirit is alive from start to finish.

Top-Notch Sound Experience

Indulge in the sounds of your favorite tunes through our premium DJ LD speakers that deliver unparalleled sound quality, enhancing the excitement of your journey.


Vibrant Party Lighting

As you step onboard our Party and Limo buses, the ambiance transforms with dynamic LED party lights, infusing energy and setting the perfect party mood for the adventure ahead.

Luxurious Comfort

Shuttle Bus Hire’s commitment to your satisfaction extends to your comfort. Our vehicles boast air conditioning, sumptuous leather seating, spacious dance floors with poles (available on our 40+ seat buses), and tinted or wrapped windows for your privacy and relaxation.

Enjoy Your Refreshments

With us, you can revel in the celebration responsibly:

BYO Convenience

Bring along your preferred beverages, provided they are legal and consumed responsibly. Those wishing to partake in alcohol must be over 18 with valid identification, in adherence to the law of NSW. Our commitment to safety means we reserve the right to decline alcohol service to anyone intoxicated or under the legal age limit. Need ice buckets? Just let us know – we've got you covered.

Expertise Behind the Wheel

Our skilled drivers possess not only impeccable navigation abilities but also the art of fostering a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. They're attuned to your preferences and requests, ensuring everyone aboard arrives at the destination in style, safety, and without any hassle.

Experience Racing Differently

With Shuttle Bus Hire, the thrill of the races begins the moment you step onto our buses. Leave the transportation stress behind and immerse yourself in the moments that matter most – bonding with friends, relishing the anticipation, and creating memories that last.

Plan Your Race Day

Explore our fleet diversity, including seat specifications and unique amenities, by visiting our Fleet Page. To delve into pricing, availability, bus capacities, pickup and drop-off logistics, or any specific needs you have, reach out to us at (02) 9188 9096 or info@shuttlebushire.com.au.

Make your racing experience exceptional with Shuttle Bus Hire – where the journey is as exhilarating as the destination.