Terms and Conditions

School Bus Hire

Payment Terms: At Shuttle Bus Hire, we strive to ensure a seamless and convenient booking process. Once your booking is confirmed, we kindly request that full payment is settled within 3 business days before the scheduled trip date. This allows us to effectively plan and prepare for your journey, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Booking Fee: A 3% booking fee applies to both online and invoiced payments.

Text Message Notification: If you do not receive a confirmation text with driver details by 6 pm on the day before the booking, please contact us.

Procedure for Safe Bus Evacuation: Your safety is our utmost priority at Shuttle Bus Hire. In the unlikely event that circumstances require the evacuation of the bus, limo, or coach, the following procedure will be meticulously followed:

  • Evacuation will commence in a calm, swift, and organized manner as soon as the vehicle comes to a stop and safety conditions permit.
  • Exiting via Bus/Coach Doors: If feasible, unobstructed, and safe, passengers will exit through the designated bus/coach door(s).
  • Emergency Exit Usage: Should door evacuation be impractical; passengers will exit through available marked Emergency Exits.
  • Upon leaving the vehicle, passengers are to assemble at a secure location, maintaining a suitable distance as dictated by the situation.
  • The adult or teacher in charge will be responsible for ensuring all passengers are accounted for, addressing their needs, and maintaining order.
  • The driver will be the final individual to exit the vehicle. They will oversee the orderly assembly of passengers and confirm their safety.
  • Should assistance be required, the driver will provide aid to the best of their ability.
  • The driver’s responsibility includes reporting any evacuation incidents to Shuttle Bus Hire’s management. This communication will initially occur through a mobile phone contact, followed by a comprehensive written report sent to the Company’s office as soon as practically feasible.
  • This detailed report will encompass all pertinent information: location, timing, circumstances, hiring group’s identity, responsible personnel, evacuation directives, and details of any injuries or distressed passengers. Inclusion of witnesses’ or involved individuals’ names, addresses, and contact numbers will also be vital.
  • In the event of any damages, they will be invoiced and due within 1-3 days. Photos of the damage will be provided.

At Shuttle Bus Hire, safety and proper procedure are of the utmost importance. We maintain stringent protocols to guarantee your well-being in every situation. Should you require further clarification or have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your security is our commitment.

Cancellation Terms for Bus Charter, Sport Transfers, or Coach Hire: We understand that circumstances can change, and plans may need to be adjusted. Therefore, we have established the following comprehensive cancellation terms to ensure transparency and fairness in the event of charter cancellations:

Cancellation Notice and Refund Policy:

  • Cancellation with 48 Hours’ Notice: Should you find it necessary to cancel the charter or a portion of it, we kindly request that written notice is provided 48 hours or more before the scheduled charter. In such cases, you will be eligible for a complete refund of your payment. Alternatively, we offer the option of issuing a Credit Invoice that can be redeemed for another charter within a span of 1 year.
  • Cancellation within 24 Hours: If circumstances necessitate the cancellation of the charter within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time, a cancellation fee equivalent to 100% of the charter’s cost will be applicable. To assist you in managing this situation, we recommend getting in touch with our office before 3 pm on the day preceding the scheduled trip. By doing so, you may be eligible for a credit of 50% of the charter cost that can be utilized for future bookings.
  • Timely Refunds: Any refunds that are applicable to your situation will be processed promptly. We strive to ensure that any monies owed to you will be returned within a span of 7-14 business days from the date of cancellation confirmation.

    At Shuttle Bus Hire, we prioritize our commitment to providing reliable and customer-friendly services. Our cancellation terms are designed to accommodate unforeseen changes while ensuring that our operations can continue to run smoothly. We appreciate your understanding of these policies, and we’re here to assist you throughout the process.

    Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. Thank you for considering us for your transportation needs.

Limo Bus and Party Buses

At Shuttle Bus Hire we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service while ensuring your safety and satisfaction. Please read the following terms and conditions that apply to party buses and limo buses:

  1. Security Bond: All bookings require a security bond payment to secure the reservation. The bond amount varies based on the chosen bus. The bond will be fully refunded to the designated account after the trip, provided the bus is left clean, undamaged, and in good condition. Refunds may take up to 2-7 business days to reflect in your payment source, subject to the bank’s billing cycle.
  2. Payment Methods: We offer flexible payment methods, including:
    • Cash to the driver on the day of pick-up.
    • Internet banking or bank deposit, to be settled 4 days prior to the trip.
    • Payments via the invoice. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Amex.
  3. Booking Fee: Online or invoice payments are subject to a 3% booking fee.
  4. Confirmation: Upon receiving the bond or full payment, a confirmation email with remittance will be sent. Kindly review the details for accuracy to prevent any issues on the day of the booking. If any information is incorrect, contact us at (02) 9188 9096 immediately for corrections. An updated remittance will be sent via email.
  5. Correspondence: Communication via emails and text messages between you and our representatives forms a legally binding contract.
  6. Personal Information: Personal information provided via our online booking system is securely stored on the XERO invoicing database.
  7. Booking Errors: We’re not responsible for errors made via our online booking system. Ensure all details are accurate before proceeding with payment.
  8. Cancellation Policy: The security bond payment is non-refundable for cancellations. Cancellations made within 24 hours will incur a charge of 50% of the full payment.
  9. Text Message Notification: If you don’t receive a confirmation text message with driver details the day before the booking, contact us before 8pm at (02) 9188 9096 for driver information.
  10. Late Arrival: Passengers must be ready 15-30 minutes prior to pick-up time. If passengers are not ready, the driver may not wait due to other bookings, and no refund will be given.
  11. Bus Breakdown: In case of bus breakdown, we’ll strive to provide a replacement bus within 2-4 hours. If we can’t, a refund for the trip will be issued. Additional costs won’t be covered.
  12. Unforeseeable Circumstances: We’re not liable for delays, cancellations, or missed services due to events beyond our control.
  13. Traffic Delays: We’re not accountable for delays caused by accidents, road works, or peak-hour traffic. Travel time is longer due to our bus size, plan accordingly.
  14. Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited on our buses according to state laws.
  15. Beverages: Alcohol consumption is allowed for passengers over 18 with valid identification, using non-glass containers.
  16. Food: Food or snacks aren’t permitted on our buses.
  17. Safety: Passengers travel at their own risk, wearing seatbelts when available.
  18. Damage Excess Fee: Passengers causing damage may be charged repair costs ranging from $300.00 to $1000.00.
  19. Fighting and Vandalism: Disruptive behaviour may result in eviction, with no refund.
  20. Property: We’re not responsible for lost or stolen items. Found items are kept at our depot; contact (02) 9188 9096 for collection.
  21. Photos and Videos: Driver-taken photos/videos are used for advertising. In emergencies involving law enforcement, photos/videos may be used as evidence.

We’re here to ensure your journey is memorable and safe. If you have questions or need assistance, reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our priority.